MAKiN’ iT helps youth maximize their investments in workforce training services and supports. MAKiN’ iT is based on over 30 years of experience with low-income youth and young adults in urban and rural areas across the United States. MAKiN’ iT was developed by national youth development expert, Edward DeJesus and is focused around helping three primary groups:

  1. in-school youth in need of workforce development supports and guidance

  2. out-of-school youth seeking employment and workforce skills

  3. Adjudicated youth seeking options for diversion.

MAKiN’ iT's main goal is to help schools/programs develop a climate of workforce achievement and
future economic opportunity. Participants engage in experiential, high energy activities centered on the importance of MAKiN’ good decisions about life, education, and career development.

More than a book

Bring the MAKiN' iT Message to the Youth You Serve

MAKiN’ iT is more than a book. It includes a curriculum, posters, and our innovative decision-making tool - The Survival Scale. Each MAKiN’ iT site receives additional tools and technical assistance to sustain the impact throughout the year. All youth who participate in MAKiN' iT are supported through our youth leadership team - The MAKiN' iT NATiON where they receive additional encouragement and sources of positive peer influence via social media and virtual seminars. 


Social-Emotional Development

The MAKiN’ iT curriculum is a transformative, culturally competent learning tool designed for participants entering or considering participation in workforce development and continued education programs.


It is designed to be used in conjunction with the MAKiN’ iT Book. The curriculum engages young people in activities that promote self-discovery and objective inquiry into the actions, attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors required for long-term labor market success.

  • A social-emotional development curriculum that works.

  • Culturally competent.

  • Research supported and full of facts.

  • Chock-full of activities designed to engage the hardest to engage youth and young adults. 

  • The first book and curriculum built on a social capital framework.


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