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Don't Stop at Financial Literacy – Social Capital Education is Just As Important.

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Every dollar you earn, every piece of real estate you own, and each investment portfolio you possess, if you're wise, you want them to be left to your children. For even the Bible says, “a good person leaves an inheritance to their children's children.”

The accumulation of assets without a plan typically sounds, at least in some investment circles, - sacrilegious. Why would you work so hard to leave all your assets to your uncle, Sam? While most of us intrinsically know the importance of estate planning, many don't do it. Stories of relatives who passed without a will read like a phone book, and the drama that ensues is the subject of a disproportionate share of family drama. Hearts break and only the tax man walks away feeling good.

Not to add torture to pain but there is another all-important asset that we rarely discuss and seldom plan to leave to our progeny. I would argue that it's more important than all your financial capital because it is the only asset that always keeps giving. I'm talking about social ca