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Alive and Free

Alive and Free

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If you take six different teens and talk to them about their life experiences, chances are, you’ll hear six different stories, but there will be one common factor.  Today’s teens are frustrated and ready for change. They want better opportunities and more choices for their lives.  While the existing youth programs have the right intentions, they fall short of the mark on helping teens because they fail to use the most critical resource available to them-
the teens themselves.  Inspired by the many young adults and organizations I have encountered throughout the U.S., ALIVE AND FREE is a fictional tale of six young adults making a change through the power of the culture they love.  The story is designed to guide and motivate educators and youth program operators to not only educate youth, but to also put to use our greatest resource 
– youth.
In order to reach youth, we need youth. It’s the only way it’s going to get done.

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