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Impactful and Relevant

Where policy, practice, and passion intersect is where we roam. We provide a depth of services designed to tackle the challenges of unemployment and educational apathy. With our practitioner-based hands on approach coupled with our culturally competent training methodology, we provide timely, cost effective solutions to your workforce development needs.

Training Programs

A Comprehensive Approach

Social Capital Building 101: 

Research states that 60-80% of job openings are never advertised in newspapers or on-line. The jobs of the future will go to youth who understand, build, and utilize social capital. 
Consider this:
-93% of students say they never follow-up with potential employers, work experience sites and mentors.  
-87% of programs indicate that they DO NOT provide youth and staff with social capital building support and resources.
Social Capital Building is about creating a program set of principles and practices that assist jobseekers in developing the tools, skills, and opportunities to build and sustain social capital. Social Capital Building focuses not only on placement rates but on “connection rates.”  Ultimately, it is connection rates that will help job seekers improve economic mobility and achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency. DeJesus Solutions offers organizations a host of services to build social capital competence.  Contact us to discuss our range of options.

Improving Youth Engagement in Workforce and Educational Services:

Traditional strategies are not enough to capture and sustain youth program participation. Clear and substantiated evidence must exist to illustrate a program's success, both visibly and articulated, in engaging community youth in impactful activities and programming. It’s insufficient to merely point out the services offered. Young adults are not solely interested in services and offerings. Far too often they have been disappointed by false promises. Youth seek demonstrable evidence that their peers are actively and genuinely engaged. DeJesus Solutions begin with the foundation question: “what program activities would your students say they enjoy spending the most time in and why?” It is this demonstration of “evidence of engagement” that programs need to make real and communicate to future participants in a youth culturally competent manner. 

This interactive and upbeat workshop will provide cutting-edge solutions to recruitment and marketing efforts for the hard to find, out-of-school youth population. Gain valuable insight into effective and proven methods of youth involvement, program promotion, credibility building, advertisement, use of social media and PR. Learn helpful tips on determining your target demographics, maximizing your advertising dollars, and developing the right partnerships to ensure recruitment success.

The Secret to Follow-Up Success
Perhaps the least understood and most successful program strategy that has led to successful youth development has been post-program support services. Unfortunately, the majority of program services cease their efforts once the formal program is over. In this training, participants examine post-program strategies used by programs across the country. Participants discuss the implications of providing post-program services and the opportunity it provides for improved youth services. Participants also develop a post-placement support plan for youth in their program.

Engaging the Hardest to Serve

Are you frustrated with youth educational and workforce apathy? Well, you are not alone. When asked, the majority of youth workforce development providers say finding jobs is not the hardest part of their job; finding young people who are willing to meet real, world of work expectations is.  Don’t build demand for job-ready workers and not be able to produce the workers for the jobs.  Let DeJesus Solutions teach your organization how to spark youths’ investment in workforce preparation and how to turn that spark into an opportunity and job seeking inferno.  This seminar offers attendees the opportunity to evaluate which youth behaviors are truly detrimental to workforce participation and programmatic ways to shift those behaviors. Don’t alienate your youth and drive them away for program success. This workshop is dynamic and delivered in a style that many have described as “incredible.”
Are you tired of paying youth to learn or prepare for work? Let the DeJesus Solution help your organization explore the complicated issue of incentives.  Examine some innovative incentive programs across the U.S. that involve the use of “intrinsic” as well as “extrinsic” motivators to engage students in positive developmental activities.

Interested in getting advice from an experienced and professional Consultant? Call me today and see what I can do for you.

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