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  • Activity #1: The Social Capital Challenge - 10 Minutes: Download here

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Register for the Social Capital Building Institute

Join us in Baltimore MD on June 22 and 23 for the two-day Social Captial Building Institute (SCBI). Social capital is one of the greatest predictor of labor market involvement and success. The Social Capital Building Institute is a 13-hour course supplemented with a 6-week practicum. It is designed to help organizations build a framework based on social capital principles and best practices aimed at improving the economic mobility and the long-term labor market success of the populations they serve. Call 202-713-8393 for the registration pack. 


The Social Capital Framework White Paper

What can workforce systems and businesses do to restore the faith of disconnected youth in labor force participation, skills training, and education? One approach is by building valuable connections between disconnected youth and those on the other side of the labor market. But how do we facilitate it?

Measuring Social Capital White Paper

At DeJesus Solutions, we believe that social capital goes beyond the connections: it’s the value of one’s
connections to people, organizations, and institutions. Our Social Capital Builders’ Institute (SCBI)
reinforces the importance of reciprocation when it comes to establishing strong social capital ties.

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